PTO volunteers are crucial to rounding out our children’s educational experiences. While teachers and administrators support our kids’ educational goals, the PTO is in place to support the programs that enhance their education and make it as robust as possible. Without PTO volunteers, students at NWS would not have the cultural, technological and enjoyable experiences that make elementary school so wonderful!

There is something for everyone!
Everyone volunteers for different reasons. Some parents volunteer to get to know other parents. Some want to learn a new skill. Others volunteer to invest in their child’s school. Regardless of why you want to volunteer- there is something for everyone!

There are varied volunteer opportunities based on the time you can give and how involved you want to be. You can help out from home, in the classrooms, work on special events, or simply donate items needed from time to time. Please take a moment and check out the opportunities to the right. We hope you can help!

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