School & Town Organizations Benefiting Noah Wallace

There are many different organizations and groups in Farmington that benefit Noah Wallace and/or the district as a whole. We know there is some confusion about who's who, so we thought a brief description of some of the groups would be helpful.

Noah Wallace PTO: That's us! We are a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers and administrators who are dedicated to supporting our students’ educational needs and making their experience at NWS the best it can be. Our mission is to provide educational and cultural enrichment to the students of Noah Wallace Elementary School and to promote open communication among the school administration, teachers and parents. Our fundraising and volunteering efforts are focused on supporting this mission. The PTO sponsors many cultural events, family gatherings, field trips, author visits and special student assemblies. Our fundraising also helps to support technology improvements in the school and classrooms.

Farmington Public School Foundation: The Farmington Public School Foundation (FPSF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1995 that benefits the entire school district. The Foundation adheres to its vision and mission by providing grants to educational programs that provide our students with strategic and forward-thinking capabilities throughout all grade levels (K-12) within the Farmington Public School System. With FPSF’s support, the students of the Farmington Public School system have the opportunity to enhance their learning and explore potential future career options. For more information, go to

Farmington Future: Farmington Future is a non-partisan, diverse group of concerned citizens, town leaders, parent leaders, and grandparents who want to help shape the future of Farmington by supporting its schools and town services. Their mission is to champion the investment in the town’s services for the betterment of Farmington’s future, engaging residents in the town budget process by:

  • communicating information on the town budget.

  • educating Farmington voters on the town’s budget process.

  • advocating for resources to support our schools & town services that make Farmington a great community in which to live.

  • increasing voter participation through proactive involvement in Farmington’s budget process.

For more information, please visit

Farmington FOCUS: FOCUS is a non-profit group including parents, educators, social service, health care and law enforcement professionals. The group is an arm of the Community Services Department and is the Town's Local Prevention Council, supported in part by the Capital Area Substance Abuse Council. FOCUS works as a partner with Farmington Public Schools, sponsoring prevention education at Farmington High School, Irving Robbins Middle School and West Woods Upper Elementary School. Their mission is to reduce underage substance abuse through education, advocacy and public awareness; to provide resources for the community about how to keep kids safe, about drug and alcohol addiction and where to seek help; and to foster a culture of non-use among teens. For more information, click here.

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