Annual PTO Grant Awarded

The main agenda item at our General PTO meeting on November 4th, was the selection of the 2015-16 PTO Grant Project. We heard two excellent proposals, both of which would greatly enhance our children's experience at Noah Wallace. Mrs. Collins presented a case for each teacher at Noah Wallace to have a Chromebook for school use. Currently, all of the students in grades 1 through 4 have Chromebooks, but the teachers do not. Mrs. Collins illustrated how teacher Chromebooks would put everybody on the same platform, and would improve collaboration and instruction to students during classroom time. Ms. Jusseaume highlighted the library revamping project that is currently underway. We are in the beginning phases of turning the library into a "Learning Commons" with mobile furniture and shelves, as well as updated technology and media equipment. This is a multi-phase project with the first phase funded by the Noah Wallace Grant (unaffiliated with our PTO) and a grant from the Farmington Public School Foundation. The vision for the library is quite impressive and Ms. Jusseaume is seeking funds to move the project past the first phase.

At the end on the night all those present at the meeting voted. The winning project was the Chromebooks for Teachers! While both projects were certainly worthy of the grant, many parents sited the immediate impact the Chromebooks would have on our children's education as their reason for selecting the Chromebooks for Teachers project. For more information on the project, please see the attached flyer. We will be working closely with Principal Sanders to place this order as quickly as possible.

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