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Remembering Mr. Sheely

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Remembering a Teacher Who Made Being Active Fun for Everyone

-A Hartford Courant article by Teresa Pelham

Mr. Sheely was my sixth grade teacher in 1990.  He would write a handwritten note every year to the "graduating" students, as Noah Wallace went up to sixth grade back then.  I remember the students waiting and be anticipating what Mr. sheely would say to them in his note.  I only attended NW for one year, so I didn't have a clear picture of what the significance of this ritual was... Until I got mine... It was a tiny treasure, that myself and all the other students read carefully and treasured.  So much so that I still have mine.  I am happy to share my treasure with you.  To your school family from a former student, my sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers. 




This is a photo of a letter that Mr Sheely wrote to me when I was in 6th grade at Noah Wallace. This was in 1989-1990 I believe. He was a wonderful teacher and person and I will miss him. 



As the NWS and Farmington communities come to terms with Mr. Sheely's unexpected passing, many people I am talking with are saying such wonderful things about Mr. Sheely.  The most common thing is this..." I had Mr. Sheely as my gym teacher and even though I was too big or too awkward he made me believe I could do it! ". Many of his former students will share that no other gym teacher or academic teacher made them feel like Mr. Sheely.  That I believe was his gift...he made each student believe in him or matter what obstacle he or she faced.  He had that special charisma to motivate everyone to believe and persist.   He also instilled enjoying getting outside and playing, which these former students are now doing with their children.



Grant was a wonderful teacher, father and a true gentleman. He was awesome colleague to work with. He will be greatly missed by every one of us.